An Event Apart DC 2014

Thoughtful Design is in Washington DC at the wonderful conference An Event Apart, learning from the top professionals in the field. Social media presence, data driven design, designing for people and not screens, accessibility for people with disabilities, and many more interesting and cutting edge technologies. Will be implementing all these amazing ideas in next few months.

Conquering Drupal

Today is the day I start to conquer the intimidating task of understanding Drupal. After some research, we came to the decision to run on Drupal as a show piece example of the functionality and complexity of sites we can offer to our clients, here in the central Pennsylvania/ Raystown Lake Region. The honest truth is, since that decision and initial installation, we haven't done much. So this week, that all changes. I found a responsive theme that was minimal and clean; very similar styling as TD's branding.

A Classy Sign for The Armory

Fellow business owner & friend, Ron, is looking for some unique signage for his next business endeavor. My project sheet for this is a scribble mess of ideas. The primary components requested were minuteman, death bunny head, cannon, red & gold, stained glass. I was aiming for a historical classy feel to compliment the space & attract the niche event space clientele needed.


Hello! My name is Laura Hess. I'm the creative soul behind all of this thing that has become Thoughtful Design, or lovingly, TD, for short.

Today I'm a happy artist obsessed with human interaction and the things we interact with.

Originally I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, so I've studied the art of persuasion, lies & deciet, logic & abstraction.

Then I thought I wanted to be a journalist, so I've mastered any sort of copy, AP standard feature news to a fictional short story.